What’s Your Underlying Reason? – Episode #52

Every professional athlete has a coach. Every professional singer has a vocal coach. If you can think of any high intensity profession I am certain they have a coach or a mentor. Even the best of the best have coaches. These key people in our lives guide us on our path to personal success. Most real estate investors DO NOT have a clear “WHY” they are investing in real estate. Money and Freedom are NOT big enough reasons. Especially when they respond with “Because I want to be rich” or “Because I want to quit my job”. There is more to it than just that. There is an underlying reason to this and I want you to think about it after watching this video with Joey Ragona from The Engaged Investor. Let’s be honest for a minute here…without a strong enough emotional reason to move forward, you will lack commitment. If you really think about it, EVERYONE wants to be wealthy, but most are not willing to do whatever it takes to become it.

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