Welcome To Venice Italy – Episode #104

Welcome to Venice, Italy…commonly known as “the floating city”. Venice’s economy has changed throughout history. Today, Venice’s economy is mainly based on tourism, shipbuilding, services, trade and industrial exports. Glass production and lace production are also highly important to the economy.

Speaking to several locals and Real Estate Brokerages, I was able to realize that furnished rentals are most popular in Venice and it can be an attractive investment strategy in order to produce higher rental income. Apartments generally start around 250,000 Euros and unfurnished rents start around 800 Euros per month. Rents are much higher during the peak seasons of July and August.

In this “one-of-a-kind” city that you must visit at least once in your life there seems to be some potential when you look at the furnished apartments. This strategy is also a very popular one in the Toronto Beaches as many flock to the Toronto Beaches to rent furnished apartments…especially during the summer months.