Upcoming Events – Episode #15

There are 3 different events Andrei hosts:
1. Cash Flow Game Nights
2. Mastermind Groups in The Beach
3. Workshops
If you are interested in attending any event you need to register by visiting the “Contact Me” page on Andrei’s blog: www.BeachInvesting.com
The next upcoming event is on Thursday May 26th. It’s a workshop called: Mortgage Financing for Investors – The Inside Scoop. Only 30 people can attend and it will be a very informative and educational workshop. Together on May 26th you will learn:
-The Impact of Cash Flow – How does the BANK look at the figures that make up your application? How each new property you buy should be HELPING you qualify for the next one.
-Rate Discussion – Variable versus Fixed – which one is better?
-Down payments and renovation funds – smart ideas that can help you out. The choices you make today will impact what you can do tomorrow.
-Legal Suites versus Non-legal suites – how does the BANK look at these when you are applying for a mortgage?

Looking forward to it!