Triplex Conversions Workshop

Panel Discussion Workshop

Triplex Conversions Workshop

In this workshop we had three sophisticated real estate investors who are currently renovating houses that they are converting into legal luxurious triplexes. On October 25th, 2018 we got to Hear their story…their tears, their joys over the past few months of their journey.

I have been requested dozens of times in the past to put on a workshop that includes other investors who are actively investing. After helping 100’s of investors purchase investment properties, I believed it was the right time to have a panel of active investors who are creating luxurious turn-key triplexes come out and share their experience.

When you create three beautiful and attractive apartments in one house, it offers many options for you. This investment strategy has been a HUGE success over the last 10-15 years and it continues to work extremely well in Toronto and more specifically the Toronto Beaches.

We brought in some of the most detailed and courageous investors I know to share their experience and answer the audience’s questions. We also had a very active, experienced, and local Architect sit on the panel. I find that hiring the RIGHT Architect can truly make a massive difference in your profit margin and can help you create the perfect long-term retirement vehicle for you.

We ALL work incredibly hard everyday to try and build a sound retirement plan so that one day we can retire comfortably. This can speed up the process as well as set up your children’s financial future. Every year that goes by I am witnessing more and more clients of mine who are doing it and are well on their way to financial freedom.

Together, on October 25th, 2018 we learned:

• How to create a luxurious legal triplex in Toronto
• Zoning requirements
• Building and fire code requirements
• Development fees and other hidden fees that most people are not aware of
• Detailed costs involved in renovating and creating a legal triplex

• Refinancing
• Exit strategies
• Q & A
• And much more…