Toronto’s Real Estate “Bubble” – Episode #73

Is there a “bubble” in Toronto’s Real Estate Market? You’ll hear different opinions from everyone you speak with and every newspaper you read. Tim Syrianos is the Broker of Record and Owner of Remax Ultimate Realty Inc., Brokerage and he has been in the Real Estate Business for over 20 years. Having gone through a couple recessions in his time, Tim’s opinion is that the Market in Toronto is currently strong and healthy, but some things need to change to help balance things out. Being an active investor himself, Tim walks to talk and understands the investor mind. We discuss issues like “what happens if the market dips by 30-40%”? We all have our own goals and expectations and this would have a different impact on all of us. However, “time happens” and if you are in this for the long term then watch this video blog.