Top Trends In Home Renovations – Episode #92

Results of the (AIC) Appraisal Institute of Canada’s Home Renovation Survey have been recently tabulated. Based on the informed opinion of Canada’s professional fee appraisers, the three most frequent renovation improvements undertaken by homeowners, which provide the highest payback potential for property owners:

Bathroom Renovations
Kitchen Renovations
Painting – Interior/Exterior

This information is valuable for homeowners to measure what effect home improvement projects may have on the resale value of their homes. Consumers should be aware that home values and returns on renovation investments are dependent on many factors such as the location of the property i.e. province, rural/urban, the neighbourhood. Notably important is the quality of workmanship and materials.

In this episode we discuss the greatest payback potentials, the ten average payback potentials, and the top trends in home renovations.

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