The Truth Behind What Is Happening With Mortgages and Banks During COVID 19 – Episode #257

We are interviewing David Goncalves on April 29, 2020 to discuss the following topics:

• Interest rates – where are they now and what may happen in the near future? What do you recommend?

• Mortgage Deferrals – what’s the real story here? How will it really impact us that most of us are not aware of?

• How are investors qualifying today for buildings that have 2-4 units? What about buildings with more than 6 units?

• How are personal home buyers qualifying?

• What opportunities will be coming up – what should we do now as buyers in order to prepare and be ready?

David is a Mortgage Broker and is so well in tune with behind the scenes stuff that I have asked him to share with us a lot of information you will definitely want to hear.

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