The Colosseum in Rome Italy – Episode #106

Welcome to The Colosseum in Rome, Italy…famously remembered in the modern movie “The Gladiator” (one of my personal favourites). Legend has it that as long as The Colosseum Stands, Rome will Stand. When Rome Falls, The World Will Fall.

Emperors used the Colosseum to entertain the public with free games. Those games were a symbol of prestige and power and they were a way for an emperor to increase his popularity. These games were also a way to distract the spectators from the everyday problems of life. Just like we are distracted by television today.

Very interesting to think about why and what people were being distracted from 2000 years ago…then again, it’s just as interesting to try and understand why we want to be distracted today through watching television. When you think about it…life as always been the same throughout time…just a different scene, a different day, a different era.