The Amalfi Coast in Italy – Episode #108

The Amalfi Drive (connecting Sorrento and Amalfi) is a narrow road that threads along the high cliffs above the Tyrrhenian Sea. Sorrento is famous for the production of limoncello, a digestif made from lemon rinds, alcohol, water, and sugar. It was so good! While staying in Sorrento we had the opportunity to speak with Real Estate Brokerages and some local businesses about the economy and real estate market.

In Sorrento, on average a typical apartment sells around 6,000 Euro per square meter. And because they are not developing any more supply will become limited and if the demand continues then the real estate prices will increase. Some speculate that this would be a good time to buy and hold in Sorrento.

This compares to the Toronto Beaches since there is not much more land to build on. Therefore the supply is low and the demand is high…especially closer to the waterfront. When you have a location like this, combined with growing businesses, jobs, access to transportation, and an increasing population you have what it takes to make a great place to invest and live. This was my favourite place so far!