Starbucks Arrives In East York – Episode #112

This is the first Starbucks that has opened up in East York! This is BIG news for investors, residents, buyers and sellers.

As we are all aware, Starbucks does a lot of homework and research on where they will open up their stores. East York has become a very desirable place to live over the years. In 2011, East York appreciated in real estate values on average by 17%. There has been a growing trend on “Top Ups” and Massive Home Renovations in the area. East York has been known for being one of the most affordable places to live this close to Downtown Toronto. These are definitely some of the trends that Starbucks can see in East York.

We all know what happened at Queen Street East and Logan Ave when Starbucks opened 5 or 6 years ago. We all see what’s happening at Gerrard and Jones as well as Main Street and Kingston Rd. Starbucks is NOT the reason why this growth is happening, but I believe it definitely has an influence. Maybe it is a good company to follow seeing how successful they have been when opening new stores.

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