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Staging Your Basement Apartment – Episode #144

People normally associate staging a house when it comes to selling their home. Staging a house statistically yields a higher price and a quicker sale due to giving off a better impression compared to its competitors.

The same holds true when renting a house or apartment. Yes…believe it or not, you will get it rented for more and a lot quicker because the house will give off a better impression compared to its competitors.

In this video, we show you a real life example of a basement apartment that when staged rents for $200 more per month. It also helps to hire a professional with a creative eye to stage the property for you. The basement apartment in this video was staged by Cindy Wennerstrom from Oro Properties who can be reached at

If you have any questions about staging your house, please feel free to call me at 416-885-2010.