Ripple Effect Heading East of Downtown Toronto – Episode #124

We are at Warden Ave and St.Clair Ave which is just east of Toronto’s Beaches along the Danforth Subway Line. Bill Georgopoulos has purchased a condo in this building on Fairfax and tells us why he choose this area.

There are several factors that come into play when deciding on this area:

1. The Danforth Subway Line which adds great convenience when commuting into downtown Toronto.
2. The proximity to Downtown Toronto.
3. Future Developments in the surrounding area i.e. Shopping Malls, Subdivisions, Housing, Businesses, which all create more jobs.
4. Rejuvenation. There are some specific spots that have been used as scrap yards that will be converted into shopping centres.
5. Rental Figures and Property Values made sense for lifestyle and investment purposes.
6. And of course the ripple effect from The Toronto Beaches (which is a very hot market).

Remember, when considering an area to purchase your next property, always do your due diligence before hand. Speak to local builders to find out what might be going on. Speak to local experts, City Officials, and your Local Realtor who can help you in these matters. And always walk the streets to get a real feeling of what it’s like in different times of the day. Remember what I said in Episode #114 when I was walking the streets of Downtown Buffalo during rush hour…nothing is better than walking the streets yourself because that is as real as it gets.

If you have any questions about the Ripple Effect from The Toronto Beaches and Downtown Toronto, please feel free to contact me 416-885-2010.