Renovations That Yield The Best Return on Investment – Episode #173

Welcome to the Toronto Beaches!  We are south of Queen Street East in a very high demand location.  This is the After Renovations Video.

Jerry Greer, the owner of this Prime Beach Property, has completed his renovation and has touched on all the items that offer the biggest bang for your dollar in terms of Property Value and Rental Value.  Those items are:

New Flooring

New Kitchen

Modern Lighting

Professional Paint Job with the right colours

Spa-Like Bathroom

Ensuite Laundry

The rents that Jerry was getting before renovations was $1700 / month.  Now he is asking $2300 / month and will likely be asking $2500 come Spring and Summer…there are very good reasons for this as you will learn why.

The renovation budget was originally $25,000 and it ended up costing $40,000.  There were a few items that were unexpected as usual with renovations.  Watch and learn.

And last but not least, we can’t forget about the sloped floors!  Were they fixed?  Was the Renovation Specialist, Jeff Reed, able to solve the “bowling ball effect”?

Here is the Before Video: Prime Toronto Beach House With Sloped Floors Before Renovation – Episode #168

Here is the During Video: Jacking Up Floor Joists – Episode #171