Real Estate Lockdown – Episode #271

Should you buy income properties during this Real Estate Lockdown? There is a lot of uncertainty, but while we navigate through this complex market let’s hear from a fellow investor who is actively buying in Toronto right now!

This video is broken into several segments:

1. Real Estate Prices Record High: 0:52

2. Canadian Real Estate Economic Outlook 2021: 1:24

3. Income Suite Cashflow: 2:16

4. Real Estate Investing Fundamentals: 2:49

5. Where to buy investment properties now?: 3:36

6. Have a cash reserve: 4:05

7. Summary: 4:27


Thanks to Will Burgess for joining me in this video, you can view his online Real Estate Investing Course below: WATCH THE FREE 1-HOUR WEBINAR ON REAL ESTATE INVESTING:

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