Real Estate Investing Myth For Toronto: Episode #260

In this episode we are busting the myth that investing in Toronto does not work anymore.

Ask any investor how they analyze properties and what exactly they look at? 99% of them will tell you that it’s all about the numbers and ROI.

You see…this represents only 50% of the story…only 50% of the whole picture and opportunity. If you only look at the numbers and ROI, then Toronto will look very weak compared to other areas. Nobody would be investing in Toronto if it was only about Cash Flow. The ROI is low when you look at facts only. BUT you are missing the other 50%. And the myth that there is no good investment deals in Toronto is completely FALSE! I am destroying these myths!!

People choose to ignore the fact that Toronto is one of the greatest cities to live in in the entire world! And not just that, but there are pockets within the City of Toronto that are pure gems. There are streets within the City of Toronto that people have been eyeing for years because that is where they desperately want to live. The Supply and Demand is what dictates values (this is a fact). And if you choose to ignore 50% of the whole picture then you are missing out on one of the best places to invest in the ENTIRE WORLD!

Happy Investing Toronto Investors!

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