Prime Toronto Beach House With Sloped Floors Before Renovation – Episode #168

Welcome to the Toronto Beaches!  We are south of Queen Street East in a very high demand location.

Jerry Greer, the owner of this Prime Beach Property, will be embarking on this renovation to hopefully convert this “tired looking” 2 bedroom apartment that was renting for $1700 / month into a luxury rental suite that will demand $2300-$2500 / month.  His budget is roughly $25,000.  Can he level off the sloped floors?  I actually get dizzy every time I walk into this house because of the severity of the sloping floors.  Can Jerry modernize this old apartment and create a beautiful gem with such a budget?

Perhaps with some help from the Renovation Specialist Jeff Reed this can be accomplished.  Jeff is using this property for a Class Case Study with his Students.  So there will be many great ideas floating around.

Here is the after video: Renovations That Yield The Best Return On Investment – Episode #173

Here is the during video: Jacking Up Floor Joists – Episode #171