Premium Rents In Premium Locations – Episode #116

We are south of Queen Street East in the Toronto Beaches and what you are about to see is the “After Video” of this Renovated Toronto Beach Duplex. To watch the “Before Video” of when this house needed renovation please see Episode #93 – Toronto Beach Duplex With Lake Views.

The owners, Tommy and Kelly, have spent $220,000 to create a luxury beach duplex just three houses from Toronto’s Finest Sandy Beach. This is an income property for Tommy and Kelly and the anticipated rents are:

$3600 plus utilities for the 3 bedroom Main Floor Suite

$2600 plus utilities for the 2 bedroom Upper Floor Suite

When they originally purchased this house for $730,000, the house needed a lot of work. There has been great interest from prospective tenants and even interest in purchasing the property for over $1 Million…however, Tommy and Kelly are in this for the long term and understand the value of building long term wealth using this strategy of Buying, Renovating, and Holding.

Congratulations with your success!

If you have any questions about the scope of the project, the financial details or even the contractors who worked on this property please feel free to contact me.