Other Landlord Issues (Part IX of Legal Series) – Episode #45

This is the last part of our Beach Investing Legal Series with Shayle Rothman from Parnes Rothman Real Estate Lawyers. In part nine of our legal series we discuss a few other Landlord Issues that commonly arise. Some examples that we discuss are how the Residential Tenancy Act applies to shared accommodations, giving your tenants notice to enter their apartment, and notice to increase your tenants rent. Please make sure you consult with your trusted Realtor and Lawyer in order to have your interests protected, especially in your local town/city. I hope you have enjoyed our Legal Series over the last several weeks. Thank you Shayle for your wealth of knowledge! If you have any further questions please feel free to contact myself or Shayle.

To reach Shayle at Parnes Rothman Real Estate Lawyers you can check out their website at www.realestatelawyers.ca or you can call them at 905-477-5151.