Oshawa Bungalow Converted Into Legal Duplex After Renovations – Episode #203

We are back in Oshawa with Chris Arnts and he has converted this bungalow into a legal duplex.

The original purchase price was $325,000 and the actual renovation budget spent was $155,000.  The actual rents achieved are: main floor $1690 and basement $1250 plus hydro.

Approximate monthly cash flow after all expenses with 20% down payment will be $700 (after refinancing).

Oshawa is a pretty hot market.  A good city to compare to Toronto for investment purposes.

Which market are you investing in?

Here is the before video: Oshawa Bungalow Before Renovations – Episode #202



  1. Chris did a great job on this. I bought topsoil and gravel from him a few times when I Iived in Toronto. Thanks for sharing Andrei! PS – isn’t Oshawa a bit far from your beaches jurisdiction? : )

    • Hi Robert, Chris wanted to venture out closer to his work and wanted to see if a similar strategy that we implemented in Toronto’s Beaches would work in Oshawa…and so far so good! It is working for him. It was very interesting to see the differences in Oshawa compared to Toronto’s Beaches. Always good to keep learning and knowing what others areas offer too:) Merry Christmas and hope to see you soon!

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