Oshawa Bungalow Converted Into Legal Duplex After Renovations – Episode #203

We are back in Oshawa with Chris Arnts and he has converted this bungalow into a legal duplex.

The original purchase price was $325,000 and the actual renovation budget spent was $155,000.  The actual rents achieved are: main floor $1690 and basement $1250 plus hydro.

Approximate monthly cash flow after all expenses with 20% down payment will be $700 (after refinancing).

Oshawa is a pretty hot market.  A good city to compare to Toronto for investment purposes.

Which market are you investing in?

Here is the before video: Oshawa Bungalow Before Renovations – Episode #202


Andrei Angelkovski
  • Robert

    Chris did a great job on this. I bought topsoil and gravel from him a few times when I Iived in Toronto. Thanks for sharing Andrei! PS – isn’t Oshawa a bit far from your beaches jurisdiction? : )

    December 23, 2016

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