Opening Up a Business in Leslieville/Riverside – Episode #58

Why do people want to open up businesses in Leslieville/Riverside? I decided to visit Stavros, my Hair Stylist, who just recently moved his Hair Styling Business into Leslieville/Riverside and asked him his thoughts. Stavros really likes the fact that his clientele here are young urban professionals who share the same energy and characteristics as he does. Many of his customers live in the area and commute to work just a short distance into Downtown Toronto. Some of the professions mentioned are: Lawyers, Actors (Film District), IT, and Business Executives between the ages of 25 – 40 years old. Most of these customers are starting out and building their families in this area. They love the idea of being close to The Beaches, Downtown Toronto, Parks, Transportation, Major Highways, Schools, Restaurants, Shops and Cafes. And we can’t forget about the huge Waterfront Redevelopment that is happening!

Feel free to visit Stavros at 743 Queen Street East, Riverside, Toronto, M4M 1H3, [email protected] (416)750-1234.