One & Done Workshop

Full Workshop Video

One & Done Workshop

For your convenience we have time stamped the workshop.

One & Done Presentation: 01:18
Rule #1 Location: 03:40
Relief Line- 03:40 / 07:24
Waterfront Redevelopment Project- 08:02
Sidewalk Labs – 09:00
East Harbour Development- 09:45
Rule #2 Tenant Profile- 12:34
Rule #3 Team- 18:07
Creation Zone- 22:27
Real Life Example of a One & Done Deal- 38:06
Conclusion- 47:48
Legal Development- Adam Brander Architect – 49:16
Renovations, Fire Separation, House Tour With Contractor Jeff Reed- 1:16:00
House Tour- 1:23:00
Underpinning- 1:42:00
Questions & Answers-1:51:00

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