One & Done

Learn On Site How To Create A Luxurious Triplex From This Real Life Project

One & Done Workshop

This workshop was located at a property in the Toronto Beaches that is currently undergoing a massive conversion from a single family home to a luxurious triplex.

These were the speakers:

• Realtor: I will be introducing and giving you a copy of my new book “One & Done” and showing you the strategy that can literally earn you a million dollars in a short 10 years. This property we are attending is an actual real life example of a “One & Done” deal.

• Architect: Adam is the architect for this project. He will discuss the cost of development fees when converting single family houses into triplexes and the importance of legalizing a triplex and the extra cost in doing so.

• Contractor: Jeff is back in the trenches and currently managing this project and he will take us through the entire property and discuss the renovation aspect. The property is currently in the fire separation stage so you will be seeing and learning a lot about that.

These were some of the topics discussed:

• How the numbers look for a “One & Done” deal
• The costs involved in converting a single dwelling into a triplex from a renovation stand point
• The development fees involved
• The importance of legalizing an income property
• Which types of renovations are actually worth doing and provide the best ROI
• Fire separation rules and actually seeing this stage in real life
• How to hire the right contractor/team for a project like this
• And much more…

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