Multi-Family Investing Workshop

Full Workshop Video

Learn From Experts On How Multi Family Investing Can Be So Lucrative

For this workshop, the following speakers presented:

• Realtor: Andrei discussed the key factors on how to find these types of properties and how to establish the right team in order to allow you to evolve into multi family properties.

• Investor: William is an investor who has purchased multi family properties and who has experienced many successes as well as mistakes which we will learn from. He shared with us how he has transformed a 13 plex into a money making machine and how you can do it too! William discussed the pros and cons of multi family investing, his real life example with numbers, how his property management company was able to save him a ton of money, and lots of before and after pictures.

• Mortgage Broker: Stephen went over the key points when it comes to financing your property. With multi family investing, the financing rules are very different compared to your single family homes and small income properties. He even shared some very important creative strategies that will help the “average Joe” be able to finance large multi family properties.

• Lawyer: Arturo is a very experienced and savvy real estate lawyer who is an investor himself. He shared his experience as well as the legal aspects of multi family investing. There are many important things to be aware of from a liability stand point, but also from a structuring stand point. For example, if you wanted to create joint venture partnerships (which is likely the case with large scale multi family investing) Arturo will discussed some ways to protect yourself and ensure you have the proper structure that works for you.

These are some of the topics discussed:

• Why Multi Family
• Pros & Cons
• How the numbers look on a real life example
• How price is dictated by income and how to use CAP rates to determine market value
• How to finance your property and other creative ways
• The legal aspects of multi family investing
• The importance of Property Management and some secret tips
• How to renovate with certain designs and what that can bring to the project

• How to balance emotion and buy the numbers (especially with multi family investing)
• Some of the costs involved with multi family investing
• Which types of renovations are actually worth doing and provide the best ROI
• The difference between buying a turn-key property versus a renovation project
• Joint Venturing options versus becoming a private lender
• More examples of what we are currently working on
• And much more…