Mother Nature Teaches Real Estate Investors A Lesson – Episode #167

Mother Nature works her magic every day. Here is one example…It takes at least 50 years for the seeds of this pine cone to grow into a large White Pine tree as seen in this video. Slowly but surely this tree will become one of the largest pine trees in the province of Ontario.

In the language of Real Estate…It can take close to 25 years to have your mortgage paid off in order for you to own your home free and clear. This is a wonderful strategy by leveraging your money so you can afford to purchase a home. If you purchase an investment property such as a duplex or triplex, again it can take you close to 25 years to pay off the mortgage when you only put a down payment of 20%. The rest of the mortgage is paid by your tenants over the next 25 years.

Imagine that! You plant your seed (your down payment) and watch it grow for the next 25 years until you have a mature tree (free and clear home). Will you have some bad weather along the way? Yes of course, but the bad weather only makes you stronger in the end. So please remember that this is a long term investment. If you are patient enough you will reap the rewards and become very wealthy.