Mike Holmes Plumbing Home Inspection – Episode #18

The importance of getting a plumbing inspection before you buy your next house! Mike Holmes’ plumber, Marcin Wroblewski from Express Rooter, performs a plumbing inspection at a house in the Upper Beach in Toronto. He explains why it is so important and the unforseen costs if you don’t get them done. This is especially true when it comes to the Toronto Beaches since the average age of these homes are close to 100 years old. The pipes and sewer drains can be in rough condition with higher risk of sewer back-ups.
The cost of doing things right far outway the costs of ignoring them…so please don’t take this lightly.
For more information about these types of inspections, feel free to contact me or Marcin Wroblewski through Express Rooter at 416-233-2660.