Leslieville Duplex Before Renovation – Episode #125

We are near Gerrard Street East which is near Gerrard and Greenwood Ave. Carol Simpson has purchased this two unit house and is about to do some renovations to upgrade and improve some important sections of the house in order to attract high quality tenants.

Watch this BEFORE video and try to understand some of the renovation ideas and why they are important when it comes to attracting high quality tenants in a typical duplex near Leslieville. Make sure you stay tuned for the AFTER video coming soon. Leslieville Duplex After Renovation – Episode #136

The Anticipated Rents are between $2300-$2600 Upper Suite and $1100-$1200 Basement Suite.

The Estimated Renovation Budget is between $20,000 – $30,000.

If you have any questions about the Gerrard Street East Area and the
benefits to investing in a duplex in this area, please feel free to contact
me at 416-885-2010.