Introduction to – Episode #1

Welcome to BeachInvesting!

I am excited to announce the launch of my new video blog:

Over the last several years I have put a lot of my focus on The Toronto Beaches and it’s surrounding neighbourhood i.e. East York Danforth Village Riverdale Leslieville and of course The Beaches. And because of all the time and energy I’ve spent in these areas I have really grown to love it there! Therefore instead of writing emails to you whenever I have updates or sending you newsletters at home I have decided to change my way of communicating with you for these purposes. I have decided to begin a Video Blog that will consist of me speaking to you through a video format. Check it out and tell me what you think!

60% of the topics I will be discussing will consist of The Beach and its surrounding area.
20% of the topics will consist of me interviewing special guests that have expertise in a particular field of Real Estate.
20% of the topics will consist of Real Estate matters in general.

There will be episodes where I will be filming on the streets and showing you areas that I believe are great places to live or invest in. But I will also be discussing some of the “not so good” areas as well.

I will also be informing you about upcoming special events. Stay tuned!

I am really exciting about this and I truly believe that this will be the beginning of something BIG to come! I encourage you to post your comments below my Video’s as often as you wish.

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