Human Rights Code Applies To Landlords – Episode #94

There is a lot of information that a Landlord needs to know about the Human Rights Code and Housing.

Where do housing rights apply? “The right to equal treatment without discrimination applies when renting or buying a unit. This right also applies to choosing or evicting tenants, occupancy rules and regulations, repairs, the use of related services and facilities, and the general enjoyment of the premises.” – Ontario Human Rights Commission

Believe it or not, there are rules to posting rental ads and Landlords cannot deny a tenant housing based on certain criteria which we discuss in this episode. There are some ads that openly discriminate for example: “Seeking mature couple”. And there are some ads that discriminate by accident for example: “Suitable for single professional”. There are many things you can and cannot say and in this episode I provide examples. The Human Rights Code also outlines what information you may ask for when choosing tenants or screening them.

For more information: Ontario Human Rights Commission: