How “Walk Scores” Impact Real Estate Values – Episode #87

Have you ever measured your area’s Walk Score? Check it out at and see how your area measures.

Walk Score helps you find a walkable place to live. Walk Score is a number between 0 and 100 that measures the walkability of any address. The higher the number, the less time spent in your car, which means spending more time doing the things you love! For example, if you have a Walk Score between 0-24, you are very “Car-Dependent” and almost all errands require a car. If you have a Walk Score between 90-100, then you are in “Walker’s Paradise” where your daily errands do not require a car.

We interview Chris Ho, who is a Real Estate Investor, in the Upper Beaches of Toronto. Chris uses this Walk Score to determine the lifestyle he wants. His current area measures a 92 Walk Score which is a premium score. This indicates that there are many major amenities that are all within walking distance and has a positive impact on Real Estate Values. In this video, we discuss how Walk Scores can impact Real Estate Values, but more importantly how Walk Scores impact Buyers/Tenants lifestyle decisions.

This can be a great tool to use when advertising your property for rent or sale and highlighting your premium Walk Score to your prospective Tenants or Buyers.