How To Win A Bidding War – Episode #98

I am finding so many frustrated Buyers and Realtors in today’s HOT real estate market because 8 out of 10 of the houses out there are selling above asking price in bidding wars. So after 3 attempts with my client Neha Mehta, we decided to take another approach in the bidding war process. We decided to personally write a cover letter that explained a little bit about my Buyers and why they wanted to purchase the Seller’s house. We also added a photograph of my Buyers. During the offer presentation, I was able to speak to the Seller about my clients and add a much more personal touch to this presentation compared to the other 8 offers that were also presented. This had a significant impact on the Seller’s decision as they held a lot of sentimental value to this house and did not want to sell it to just anyone. Money was not the only motivating factor and I was very proud to say that we won this bidding war by adding a strong personal touch.

Congratulations Neha and Dan for an amazing success story!