How Does Today’s Real Estate Market in Toronto Compare to the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s Crashes?

A question I have been asked a lot lately is, “Should I buy now or wait?” It’s a great question that is discussed during this video.

00:00 Start of Webinar

00:15 Introduction to Barry Lebow

03:40 Start of Presentation – A New Reality

05:50 Are We In A Bubble?

06:53 Will The Housing Market Crash in 2022?

08:36 Prices Drop By 22%

09:30 House Prices On The Brink

10:57 How Data Gets Skewed

12:38 Average Price Is Distorted

13:45 Example of Average Price Distortion

15:21 The Most Useless Statistics

18:40 Location Location Location

21:37 Canadian Real Estate’s Worst Case Is A 30% Price Drop

22:07 The Crash of 1970’s (Perception)

23:22 The Crash of 1980’s and 1990’s (Perception)

24:34 GTA’s Top Employers (Toronto Cannot Die)

27:56 70% of Agents Do Under 1-4 Sales a Year

29:20 Price Rate and Bank of Canada Overnight Rate (1935 – 2022)

32:40 Historic Stats During Major Crashes

36:46 A Downturn Shakes The Trees

37:28 Keep Calm As An Investor

39:40 Prediction For 2022 and 2023

41:30 Q & A

41:55 How Today Compares to Previous Recessions?

45:36 Replacement Cost

52:44 Is This Summer A Good Time To Buy?

56:10 What Will Happen To The Cottage Market?

101:08 $35/month Is All You Need To Remember

105:00 Houses With Negative Stigma’s

Now that summer has officially arrived, many people and their families will be travelling and going on vacation. It is predicted that this summer will be the busiest travel time over the last 2.5 years…Those videos at Pearson Airport do not lie!

So, how does this make summer an opportunity for savvy investors? With less competition, plenty of motivated sellers and a market that is shifting, there will be a lot of great opportunities to take advantage of. I have already found several good deals, so I can only imagine what things will look like as summer progresses.

Here is an example of what I am talking about – I recently helped a client acquire a property for $400,000 less than asking. This house would have easily sold for more than asking just a few months ago. I am amazed at how many houses I’m seeing that aren’t selling and the motivation of sellers is really growing.

As always, the media is doing a good job of generating fear in people’s minds and this is an important factor investors can take advantage of. As Warren Buffett once said: “Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.” The key thing is to have a plan and make sure the numbers work for you.

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