Home Inspections on Newer Houses – Episode #67

In the Toronto Beaches, the typical age of a home is 80-100 years old. There are many aspects of a house this age that needs to get repaired or replaced. Therefore, it makes sense to hire a Home Inspection Company to inform and advise buyers of these matters. However, when it comes to newer houses, most buyers feel that just because it is new or newer there is no need to hire a Home Inspection Company. Buyers assume that Builders have done everything correctly. This can become a costly mistake (as you see during HGTV’s episodes and watching Mike Holmes Inspections). Nobody is perfect and you need to protect your interests. Make sure you hire a Licensed Professional to inspect your property. During this episode, we hear David Ash from DASH Inspection Services talk about some of the common issues he finds with newer houses.

If you wish to get in contact with David Ash, you may contact him at 416-887-3053 or www.DASHInspectionServices.com