Going To Committee of Adjustments – Episode #79

We are back in the Trenches with Jeff Reed in this exciting renovation in the Prime Toronto Beaches! This is a continuation from Episode #47, #55, #57, #59, #65 and #75. We are almost 5 months into the project and Jeff has had to take this project to the Committee of Adjustments. The reason was because Jeff wanted to add a 3rd storey to this house and that would essentially exceed the allowable gross floor area for this property. Jeff organized a group meeting with the surrounding neighbours to show them what his plans were and to find out if anyone had issues with them. To Jeff’s surprise, many of the neighbours had issues with his plans and were against it. This would have a big impact on his project if he couldn’t build this 3rd storey, so Jeff tried to come up with creative solutions to satisfy each of his neighbour’s concerns. In the end, Jeff won the decision at the Committee of Adjustments, but only because he was proactive and made resolutions with his neighbours before hand. He made sure everyone was happy and it was a win-win situation. A BIG Congratulations goes out to Jeff and his Team for a job well done! To view the other episodes that relate to this renovation:

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