Experience Being A Realtor – Episode #274

Greg Fisher from Unleash Your Potential interviews Andrei Angelkovski on his experience being a Realtor.

Here are some of the key questions asked:

0:38 – Who am I?

1:13 – How is it that you find yourself in the real estate industry?

5:00 – What are some examples of industry language?

11:28 – How do you measure success in your industry?

18:20 – What are the tops skills required to be successful?

24:10 – Can you explain the structure of the industry?

27:15 – Statistics of how well Toronto Real Estate Agents did in 2020

31:20 – What is the best advice you would give someone?

40:23 – Are there any innovations from the pandemic that you hope sticks around?

45:57 – What is your favourite real estate story?

52:33 – Do you have any interview questions you use when hiring someone?

55:30 – Tell us about your “One & Done” book?