East York Bungalow Before Modern Transformation – Episode #190

Another East York Bungalow ready for a complete transformation! However, this time we are converting it into a modern style bungalow.

Owners Ahren Cadieux and Emily Miller both have a design back ground. In collaboration with their architect Will Hudson, their plan is to build this modern masterpiece and and provide a gorgeous new home to a deserving young couple.

Can they set a new record for the highest sold bungalow of this size in East York?

Lets see what happens…

Here are links to the videos associated with this project:

Episode #191 – East York Bungalow During Modern Renovation

Episode #192 – East York Modern Bungalow The Final Reveal

For more information about this project, the design of it, and if you are interested in getting involved in a similar project feel free to contact Andrei Angelkovski directly 416-885-2010.