Disgusting Houses In Fantastic Areas – Episode #99

Why would anyone want to purchase a house like this? If you watch this video you will see that there is no lighting and most of the windows are boarded up. There is cat urine everywhere and it smells really bad. There is basically nothing salvageable and this place needs to be completed gutted and brought back to life.

So why then would anybody be interested in purchasing a home like this? Because it is in a fantastic up and coming area…that’s why! The area near Dundas Street East and Carlaw Ave is going through a positive transition where several Lofts are being built and a lot of revitalization is happening. The ripple effect from the 2015 PAN AM Games will positively impact this area as well the Toronto Waterfront Redevelopment.

The purpose is to restore this house and bring it back to life so that you will benefit from the forced appreciation as well as the ripple effect from the surrounding economic fundamentals.

That is why these veteran real estate investors are brave enough to get their hands a little dirty. If you want to hear more about these types of properties and opportunities feel free to contact me at 416-885-2010.