How To Legalize Triplexes in Toronto – Episode #204

I just hosted a workshop on How To Legalize Triplexes In Toronto.  Fantastic topic with a ton of information.

I did not record the workshop so I will summarize briefly what we talked about and I encourage you viewers to contact me if you want to learn more.

We discussed the following:

  1. Why people want triplexes in Toronto
  2. Why triplexes are the next best investment model right now
  3. Multiple exit strategies
  4. Should you buy a turn-key triplex or create one
  5. How to increase your ROI
  6. Key things to know when creating a triplex

This workshop was over 4 hours in length and it could have easily lasted longer.

We had the following speakers:



Mortgage Broker



Insurance Broker

Everyone had valuable things to share and teach.  I learned a ton of things and we came up with a “one stop shop” solution for those of you who want a triplex but don’t have the time or expertise to create one.  If you are interested to learn more I encourage you to call me 416-885-2010 or contact me on my website: contact me

Cash Flow Game Nights In Toronto – Episode #88

Come experience a LIVE Cash Flow Game Night!

Learn What The Rich Teach Their Children About Money And Creating Wealth…


Created by Robert T. Kiyosaki and based on his bestselling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, the board game was designed to teach accounting, finance, and investing at the same time…and makes learning fun!

Looking for ways to generate residual passive cash flow? Want to get involved with real estate but unsure how? Then you should come out and play this game with other like-minded individuals.


Because it’s time to get out of the Rat Race that’s why! The main reason people struggle financially is because they have spent years in school but learned nothing about money. Traditional schooling, while very important, is no longer enough. We all need to understand money and how it works. The object of this game is to increase your financial IQ so you can get out of the Rat Race and onto the Fast Track, where your money works for you instead of you working hard for your money.

I invite you, your family and friends to join us! Check out the events page to see when the next game is being held.

To Your Financial Education!

Luxury Duplex To Triplex Conversion – Episode #68

After a long 9 months of planning and renovating, this renovation project in Toronto’s Upper Beaches is finally complete! With approximately $230,000 worth of renovations and a legal conversion from Duplex to Triplex, this investment property is now a luxury income property. This property was originally purchase for $525,000 back in March 2011 and is valued today around $900,000. The monthly cash flow is approximately $700 per investor. A lot of thought was put into the design of this property and many challenges were faced. In the end, a lot of heart went into this project and the celebration was well worth it. Cheers to the all the hard work and the success it brought. Thank you guys!

To view other previous episodes that relate to this project please go to Episode #31 – How To Find Fantastic Tenants and Episode #29 – The Long Slow Flip Strategy

Lazy Daisy’s Café in Upper Beach – Episode #36

Watch out everyone! There is a new up and coming café coming to Coxwell & Gerrard.
Lazy Daisy’s Café boutique coffee shop will be opening its doors on Monday October 3, 2011.

Listen to owner Dawn discuss why she decided to open up a business in this neighbourhood and listen to Upper Beach resident Chris discuss the positive impacts of these changes.

For details about Lazy Daisy’s Café visit their Facebook page