Bungalow Duplex Renovation Progress: Episode #228

In this episode, we have Elie who is in the process of his duplex conversion. Watch as we take you through the renovations so far. Talk Floorplans, design, and budget.

You will see throughout the video that Elie has added multiple windows which not only lightens up his living space but opened up his home to amazing views. These views can actually have a direct impact on the property values and rental income.

Here is a link to the before video so you can see what this bungalow looked like originally: https://beachinvesting.com/bungalow-duplex-renovation-before-episode-213/

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I can help you find a similar property to this and guide you through the entire process or introduce you to the right team that can help make this happen for you turn-key. I can take you on a personal tour of this property and you can see it LIVE!

Be sure to stay tuned for more progress videos coming soon. Be sure to subscribe to learn more!

Be sure to subscribe to learn more!  


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