Aruba Beaches vs Toronto Beaches – Episode #77

Welcome to Aruba! Where the sun always shines and the wind always blows!

I decided to find out what investment opportunities were available in Aruba. I took a look at several Apartments, Houses, and Villas and learned that the prices start from $250,000 and climb up to $4,000,000. During the high season which is between December and April you can earn on average a 33% Return On Investment (ROI) and during the down season you are essentially breaking even. However, this analysis is based on YOU managing the property on your own, which is considerably time consuming because most investment properties are rented daily or weekly to tourists. So I asked about Property Management and the Real Estate Brokerage quoted me 40% of the Gross Income is what they charge. That basically eliminates your profit and more!

Aruba is a “One Happy Island” to vacation at, but to get a great return on your investment I’ll stick to the Toronto Beaches.