Approaching The Trenches Again With Jeff Reed – Episode #147

Here we are again…approaching the trenches with Jeff Reed, who is a veteran real estate investor and house flipper.

His course officially begins May 1st and his course information session is on Saturday April 27th at 11am. Location: 326 Carlaw Ave, Toronto ON.

Call myself 416-885-2010 or Jeff Reed 416-771-6672 to sign up.

Watch this video for a sneak peak of what is to come.

The course outline will cover the following topics:

1. Selecting and analyzing potential investment properties
2. Organizing yourself for the offer
3. Identifying ways to create equity by renovating
4. Permits and Zoning options
5. Screening potential contractors
6. Subcontractors / Contracts
7. Roles and responsibilities of the owner / Empowering the Contractor
8. Commencement of work
9. Critical path / Order of operations
10. Managing money
11. Safety and risk management
12. Quality control
13. Managing the Engineer, Architect, Designers
14. Completing the renovation
15. Closing out all permits
16. Warranties and service work
17. Refinancing the mortgage

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For More details you may visit Jeff’s website by clicking here: Priority Management