Albert Einstein Best Advice – Episode #162

What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

On a personal level, I am sure I can think of a number of valuable lessons to share.  But on a financial investment level there are a few very important things I would highly recommend.  I have been investing since 2005 and have experienced several challenges and successes along the way.  Many were valuable lessons in which I wish I knew back then.

If there were only three pieces of advice I can go back and tell my 20 year old self this is what I would say with respect to financial investing:

1.  Buy in your College and University years (I am 34 years old right now and I would have been 14 years ahead of the game).  Albert Einstein once said: “The most powerful force in the Universe is compound interest”.  This little piece of advice alone is probably the most powerful.

2.  Buy in the “best” locations – you will not regret it in the following years.

3.  Find someone who can help you (build your team of trusted advisors – they will be a huge asset in your following years).