Advantages of Using a Realtor For New Homes and Condos – Episode #179

Many buyers don’t know the advantages of using a Realtor to buy a newly built home.  They go direct.  The Builders Salespeople are working primarily for the Builder…NOT the Buyer and therefore their goal is to obtain the highest price possible.

Many Buyers think it will cost them more money to use their own Realtor because the builder has to pay them the commission.  That is FALSE.  Most Builders recognize that Realtors have relationships with interested buyers and are happy to pay them a commission.  There is no additional cost to the buyer.  (And NO the Buyer will not receive a discount if they go in on their own because the Builder does not have to pay out commission)

Real Estate Sales People bring knowledge and expertise to their client when buying a new home or condo, in:

Layout and Location advice – builders will try and sell you the less desirable locations to get them out of the way.  Realtors will help you see all options.

Advice on the Values of Upgrades – Builders make most of their profits on upgrades.  Realtors will help you understand which upgrades will give you the best return on investment.

Advice on Resale Value in a particular area – Realtors can help you understand more about an area’s social and economic status, whether an area will retain its value or not due to certain area factors.

Advice on any Hidden Charges – Realtors will help advise on putting caps on any extra charges.

Realtors assist with the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) – this is very important!