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East York Modern Duplex Conversion After Renovations – Episode #200

Here is the final reveal for this modern duplex in the HOT East York!!

The owner, Brendan Riley, has just undergone a 200k renovation and has created a modern legal duplex that generated record-setting rents for an East York bungalow!!! $700 of monthly cash flow! That is fantastic!

See what Brendan has done and how he was able to achieve these results.

To see the before renovation video please click here: East York Bungalow Conversion Before Renovations – Episode #199

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East York Bungalow Duplex Conversion Before Renovations – Episode #199

The real estate market in East York has gone crazy! Homeowners and Investors are really ramping things up and renovating their homes to build equity. They are either holding them for personal use, renting them out for investment income, or flipping them to make a profit.

The owner of this property, Brendan Riley, just purchased a property in this HOT location and is about to undergo a massive renovation to convert this property into a luxury duplex.

Brendan is a real estate investor who has done this before. He has learned a lot of lessons in the past so lets see what changes he will make this time and what the results will be. BUT first…lets see what his plans are.

I helped Brendan find this gem in East York that they wish to renovate and rent for the long term with the hopes to generate positive cash flow and a bit of sweat equity.

Can Brendan create an anchor property here? Lets see what his plans are.

If you want to see the final reveal (the after video) please click here: East York Modern Duplex Conversion After Renovations – Episode #200