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My Dad Was Right – Episode #161

My Dad has always been great at offering his advice to us as children.  When I was younger, sometimes I didn’t want to listen to his advice…I thought I knew better.  As time went on, I would remember what my Dad used to tell me and realized “My Dad Was Right”.

My Dad was right for many things in life, but what I wanted to share with you guys today is my Dad’s advice with respect to real estate investing.  In this video, my Dad (Filip Angelkovski) shares his experience with real estate investing, some of his missed opportunities and some of his successes, but most interesting of all in my opinion is the advice he offers to the younger generation.  It still hits home when I listen to it.

I am very proud of you Dad and always will be.  I love you.

Typical Architectural Styles in Leslieville, Riverdale, Danforth – Episode #160

We had a group of students take a walking tour to study the typical architectural style homes found Old Toronto East (more specifically Leslieville, Riverdale, and Danforth). Erin Dermody guided us through some of the oldest neighbourhoods within these communities and showed us a number of different style of homes.

Here are just a few of the different types of architectural styles we saw:
Second Empire
Queen Anne
Industrial Loft
Workers Cottage
Flat Iron

We also highlight the specific features of each architectural style.

$55,000 Basement Renovation Brings $1,200 of Monthly Income In Leslieville – Episode #159

There are 3 important factors to consider when you want to achieve a solid cash flowing property:

I know you have heard this before, but I cannot stress it enough. Location is key to long term growth and it also plays a big role in the next factor;

If you want to attract quality tenant profiles, then you need to invest in the right location.

Having a great team on your side to help you find the right property, to help you find the right tenants, and help you renovate and build the suites will take you a long way.

All 3 of these factors can help provide you with a solid cash flowing property. By investing in the right location and creating a quality home, you will be creating a premium property that tenants and buyers will be willing to pay a premium for.

In this video, we interview contractor Peter Glaw from Premier Renovations. Peter has renovated this entire basement apartment and walks us through it explaining what he did and why this basement apartment demands $1200 per month in Leslieville Toronto.

If you wish to contact Peter you can reach him at 905-286-0303 or at

Why Playing Golf Is Similar To Real Estate Investing – Episode #158

Playing golf is a mental sport. 90% of the game is about focus, strategy, and confidence.

Real Estate Investing is no different.

You can practice on the golfing range for many hours and days, but until you get out onto the golf course and play the game you will never truly understand what golf is all about. Same applies to Real Estate Investing…you can read dozens of books, you can attend dozens of seminars, you can sit there and analyze hundreds of properties, but until you actually pull the trigger and purchase a property will you begin to understand what true ownership is all about. You will then begin to experience landlording and better yet wealth building.

I definitely encourage preparation, education and practice, but I also cheer on taking action.