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Happy Canada Day – Episode #155

Happy Canada Day!!

You are living in the best country in the world…lets enjoy it to the fullest!

Have an amazing summer and remember to travel and explore!

If You Knew Then What You Know Now…Part 1 – Episode #154

If you knew then what you know now, what would you do differently with respect to real estate investing?

We asked several experienced real estate investors this question…here is what they had to say.

Remember to watch Episode #157 – Successful Investors Wisdom for more expert advice!

Market Drivers vs Market Influencers – Episode #153

If you want to invest in real estate and build long term wealth, it is important to know what impacts real estate values.

There are certain factors that affect real estate values in the short term and others that affect the long term values.  It is important to understand the difference.

Market Drivers directly impact supply and demand (long term).

Market Influencers temporarily impact the market (short term).

Be aware of them and study them in your specific area.  The more you know your area, the better you will be equipped to building your retirement plan.

If you are interested in discussing these factors in more detail…send me a message and we’ll chat!

How To Manage and Retain Great Tenants – Episode #152

So you finally bought an income property…now what?  Buying the property is half the battle…now it’s time to manage it.  The question remains: How do you manage this property effectively?

In this video I provide you with 10 simple tips on how to manage and retain your great tenants.  Each one of these tips can be an individual blog on its own, so this blog is to get the ball rolling.

Remember the most important thing:  Keep it simple!

If you are interested in discussing these tips in more detail…send me a message and we’ll chat!