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Rental Values In Detached vs Semi Detached Houses – Episode #127

If you are an investor who’s main focus is monthly cash flow, then you may want to consider the difference between purchasing a semi-detached house versus a detached house in the Toronto Beaches and its surrounding area including: Leslieville, South Riverdale, Upper Beach, and Toronto’s Prime Beaches.

Many people assume that buying a detached house is a better investment. Well…it depends on why you are buying the investment property. Are you buying strictly for positive cash flow or do you prefer capital appreciation? In this episode, we are talking about buying with the idea of focusing on positive cash flow.

If you have any questions about the rental values and how they differ amongst other surrounding areas, please feel free to contact me 416-885-2010.

Renovating and Designing Downtown Toronto Condos – Episode #126

Many people are talking about the Toronto Condo Market and how there might be a “Crash” coming. There are also many people who still wish to pursue their dreams of owning a Downtown Toronto Condo that overlooks the beautiful lake and Toronto skyline. We are in the Distillery District (just west of the Toronto Beaches) where there is a ton of development happening…especially for the 2015 PAN AM Games! So if you are looking to purchase a condo in this area or already own one and wish to renovate or improve it’s value, then this video will give you some insights.

We interview Erin Dermody, who is an interior decorator, on ways to improve a condo’s value. She shares with us the process that is required when renovating a condo as well as some tips on how she has improved the value of this condo project she is working on right now!

If you wish to get a hold of Erin Dermody for any decorating ideas or for a consultation, please feel free to contact her at 647-974-5382 or

If you have any questions about the Distillery District and what is happening with all the redevelopment for the 2015 PAN AM Games, please feel free to contact me 416-885-2010.

Roger and Carol Simpson

Roger and Carol are real estate investors.  I’ve helped them find a great duplex in the Leslieville area that cash flows about $1000 / month!

Congratulations guys!

To watch their before and after videos for the property they purchased please click here:

Leslieville Duplex Before Renovation – Episode #125

Leslieville Duplex After Renovation – Episode #136

Leslieville Duplex Before Renovation – Episode #125


We are near Gerrard Street East which is near Gerrard and Greenwood Ave. Carol Simpson has purchased this two unit house and is about to do some renovations to upgrade and improve some important sections of the house in order to attract high quality tenants.

Watch this BEFORE video and try to understand some of the renovation ideas and why they are important when it comes to attracting high quality tenants in a typical duplex near Leslieville. Make sure you stay tuned for the AFTER video coming soon. Leslieville Duplex After Renovation – Episode #136

The Anticipated Rents are between $2300-$2600 Upper Suite and $1100-$1200 Basement Suite.

The Estimated Renovation Budget is between $20,000 – $30,000.

If you have any questions about the Gerrard Street East Area and the
benefits to investing in a duplex in this area, please feel free to contact
me at 416-885-2010.