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MPAC Property Assessment Notice – Episode #115

Millions of residence will be receiving a Property Assessment Notice in the mail this Fall Season. Have you received yours yet?

The assessed value of your property is used as the basis for calculating your property taxes. Your 2012 Property Assessment Notice shows the assessed value of your property based on a January 1, 2012 legislated valuation date.

If you have any questions about how MPAC assessed your property or if you feel that the assessed value is unfair, then watch this video. You have options and can ask for reconsideration.

Please feel free to contact me at 416-885-2010 if you want to discuss this further.

Walking The Streets of Downtown Buffalo – Episode #114

For most of you this may seem obvious, but for some of you it may be a wake up call. Before you invest in a specific area, it is not enough to just do your research on the internet and/or reading books. You need to walk the streets in all hours of the day throughout the week. It is so important to do this because you will get to see every aspect of the area and the people that hang out there. This will provide you with a different and REAL perspective on the area.

I went to Buffalo the other day and was in the heart of downtown during rush hour. I was really surprised at what I saw and I would not have been able to experience this by reading some book or researching Buffalo on the internet.

Home Inspector Gets Sued – Episode #113

For most of you who have gone through a typical home inspection, the inspector will have you read and sign a report before they even begin the inspection. This is to help you understand what the inspection will deal with and what it will not deal with. There is also a standard limited liability clause which states that if the inspector made a mistake, the most the buyer could expect would be the cost of the report. This clause is common in most home inspection reports, mostly due to the fact that the inspector can’t look behind walls or under floors. Therefore, it is really tough to hold the home inspector liable for anything missed.

Interestingly, a recent court ruling found a home inspector liable for the cost of removing mould from a house. Watch the video to hear the story.

Jenn & Mike Peleshok

Mike and Jenn are one of the sweetest couples I’ve worked with.  We found a home for them in East York that was perfect for them.  We even had the opportunity to find a place that offered them a basement apartment so they can receive supplemental income!  What a great idea!  What can you do with an extra $900 / month in your pocket?

Well done guys!