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Chris Ho

Chris is a real estate investor and loves to do his research.

He has purchased an income property and has strongly benefited from the growth of the market and the healthy monthly cash flow.

Chris was living in the upper portion of his duplex while renting out the lower portion and living essentially for FREE!  Now he has decided to move out and buy another home to live in while renting out the entire duplex and cash flowing over $1000 / month!

Being smart and starting young!  Well done!

Why Canada Is The Best Country To Live In – Episode #102

Happy Birthday Canada!

Most Canadians will be hanging around their cottages (because that’s what we love to do on Long Weekends).

I give you the Top 10 Reasons Why is Canada the BEST Country to live in the World.

And I also quote MacLean’s on their most recent Canada Day Special Edition on why they believe Canada is the Best place on Earth!

Joe Grandja

Joe purchased this condo while the big loft craziness was going on in Leslieville.  There will be some great growth happening here and Joe has been benefiting from it nicely!

All the best buddy!

Converting a 400k Home Into a Million Dollar Home – Episode #101

We are back in the Trenches with Jeff Reed in this exciting restoration of this 1889 Toronto Beach House! Only now we are bringing you the final video on this project. After 7 months, Jeff Reed has converted this original 1889 Beach House into an updated Distillery District Style masterpiece.

You need to watch all 9 videos that were taken throughout the 7 month process. There were a ton of challenges faced and lessons learned. We’ve been able to provide you will all of it. Enjoy it! I know we have over the last 7 months…it was quite a ride.

Congratulations Jeff on a job well done!

*This video is a continuation of the following episodes:

Episode #47 – Renovating a Prime Beach House
Episode #55 – Tales From The Trenches With Jeff Reed
Episode #57 – Exposed Brick Walls
Episode #59 – Plumbing Inspection in a Home Built in 1885
Episode #65 – Concrete Pouring Day
Episode #75 – The Roof Is Off
Episode #82 – Managing Neighbours During Renovations
Episode #89 – Learn How To Flip Houses