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Home Inspections on Newer Houses – Episode #67

In the Toronto Beaches, the typical age of a home is 80-100 years old. There are many aspects of a house this age that needs to get repaired or replaced. Therefore, it makes sense to hire a Home Inspection Company to inform and advise buyers of these matters. However, when it comes to newer houses, most buyers feel that just because it is new or newer there is no need to hire a Home Inspection Company. Buyers assume that Builders have done everything correctly. This can become a costly mistake (as you see during HGTV’s episodes and watching Mike Holmes Inspections). Nobody is perfect and you need to protect your interests. Make sure you hire a Licensed Professional to inspect your property. During this episode, we hear David Ash from DASH Inspection Services talk about some of the common issues he finds with newer houses.

If you wish to get in contact with David Ash, you may contact him at 416-887-3053 or

Renovated Upper Beach Basement Apartment – Episode #66

Here we are in the Upper Beaches of Toronto. It took the owner $40,000 to completely renovate and finish this basement apartment from scratch. This will now allow the owner to attract a different tenant profile who will pay a premium of $1200 / month of rent for this 1 bedroom suite. In this video you will see the quality finishes used and some of the important factors considered in order to get the higher rent. For example, private ensuite laundry, granite counter tops, electric fireplace, high ceilings, good size bedroom, and open concept layout. The bathroom and kitchen are both very modernized. This renovation is an excellent model to follow if you were to create a quality basement apartment for rent. The General Contractor, Peter Glaw, is interviewed in this video and walks us through the apartment. He explains some of the challenges that were faced, but more importantly how they stayed on budget and on time! After renting the main floor for $2300 and the Basement for $1200, the owner will be cash flowing $700-$800 per month after all expenses!

Watch this video and learn from Peter Glaw.  Feel free to contact him at 416-452-4248 or 905-286-0303 for an estimate/consultation.  You can also visit his website:

Concrete Pouring Day – Episode #65

We are back in the Trenches with Jeff Reed in this exciting renovation in the Prime Toronto Beaches! This is a continuation from Episode #47, #55, #57, and #59. We are almost 3 months into the project and the back half of the house has been removed and an underground river/stream has been discovered! In this episode, it’s concrete pouring day for the foundation in which Jeff is erecting a 3-storey back addition. A very exciting time with all the hustle and bustle. Good thing the weather has been cooperative.

Starbucks Opens at Kingston Road and Main Street – Episode #64

Starbucks has made its way to Kingston Road and Main Street. The “Impact of Starbucks” has become a popular term used over the years and here are some examples:

We are all aware that Starbucks opened up at Queen and Logan about 6 years ago and that area has experienced positive transition and an increase in real estate values since then. In 2006, the average price in Leslieville/Riverdale was $347,000 and in 2011, the average price was $545,000. That is a 57% increase! Obviously this is not all because of Starbucks, but Starbucks sure knows how to choose their locations well. They have a massive research team that does their homework and ensures that they will not fail.

Last year Starbucks opened up at Gerrard and Jones (which I filmed in Episode #3) and we have already seen some positive transition in that area.

Now Starbucks has made the move to Kingston Road and Main Street. Could the “Impact of Starbucks” be felt here too? Economic Fundamentals play an important role here as well. There is a GO Train Station (GO Danforth) up the street that takes you to Downtown Toronto and there is also a public Street Car that does the same.