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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – Episode #60

We are nearing the end of 2011. Was it a good year for you?

My mentor Philip McKernan once told me to create a Life Goal which he called “My Everest” and an Annual Goal which he called “My Summit”. And the way I approached it was to ask myself this question: “When December 2012 comes around, what has to happen in order for me to judge whether it was a good year?” And this is how I began creating “My Summit”. It can be personal, it can be professional…it can be whatever you want it to be. The more REAL and GENUINE you make it, the bigger the impact it will have for you.

I am not talking about creating a 17 page goal list where you are overwhelmed by 101 different goals. I am talking about creating just 1 Summit for 2012 and going for it! Really focusing on achieving your Summit.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement during 2011 and I want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Successful New Year!

Plumbing Inspection in a Home Built in 1885 – Episode #59

We are back in the Trenches with Jeff Reed in this exciting renovation in the Prime Toronto Beaches! This is a continuation from Episode #47, #55, and #57. We are about a month and a half into the project and in this episode Marcin Wroblewski from Express Rooter will be conducting a sewer drain (Plumbing) inspection. This will determine whether the home owner will need to repair or replace the existing drains which haven’t been touched since probably the early 1920’s.

Opening Up a Business in Leslieville/Riverside – Episode #58

Why do people want to open up businesses in Leslieville/Riverside? I decided to visit Stavros, my Hair Stylist, who just recently moved his Hair Styling Business into Leslieville/Riverside and asked him his thoughts. Stavros really likes the fact that his clientele here are young urban professionals who share the same energy and characteristics as he does. Many of his customers live in the area and commute to work just a short distance into Downtown Toronto. Some of the professions mentioned are: Lawyers, Actors (Film District), IT, and Business Executives between the ages of 25 – 40 years old. Most of these customers are starting out and building their families in this area. They love the idea of being close to The Beaches, Downtown Toronto, Parks, Transportation, Major Highways, Schools, Restaurants, Shops and Cafes. And we can’t forget about the huge Waterfront Redevelopment that is happening!

Feel free to visit Stavros at 743 Queen Street East, Riverside, Toronto, M4M 1H3, (416)750-1234.

Exposed Brick Walls – Episode #57

We are back in the Trenches with Jeff Reed in this exciting renovation in the Prime Toronto Beaches! This is a continuation from Episode #47 and #55. We are just over a month into the project and we are taking a look at the progress of the exposed brick on the main floor. If you look back at the previous episodes and see what the walls looked like you will get a true appreciation of what you see here. Understanding who you tenants and buyers are and knowing what they want will give you a huge edge in this market. Some of you might be wondering why would you leave these walls exposed? Watch the progress of this renovation project and you will soon find out!